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Bonus Week Day 4

Today was crazy fun. The weather was nice (until it rained out of nowhere), and we had a time huddling under the tent with some Disney music. We played charades in the morning. Then, we had a themed scene competition, where performers paired up and created a scene based on the round's theme. The best scene wins! Our themes were butterflies, rain, and sea monsters.

After that, the performers played the roles of Elle and Paulette from Legally Blonde and Draco and Hagrid from Harry Potter.

Here is the dance the Triple Threats have been working on this week:

We played The Voice. The performers "blind auditioned" in pairs singing Someday.

We finished up with some Evolution and a game called I Object, which was a blast.

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Great dance!! We have been listening to this song “non-stop” at home 😂 Ronan loved playing I Object too!


Liane Young
Liane Young
Jul 30, 2021

Amazing dance!!!

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