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Tween week (Age 9-11)

In this session, we will work on challenging performers' existing skills and building new skills to push them to the next level while having a blast!

we'll be working on:
  • creating a unique character

  • acting with a scene partner 

  • filming and critiquing our work

  • games to loosen us up!

  • vocal projection

  • introduction to music reading

  • singing in vocal parts

  • acting through song

  • picking up more advanced choreography

  • dancing while singing

  • learning new skills


July 18 - July 22

10:00 am - 2:30 pm

Min: 6* / Max: 12



Age 12+

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*Sessions that do not attain the minimum enrollment of 6 kids will be cancelled one week prior to the scheduled start date. You will be notified and full tuition will be refunded. 

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