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Day 1

First day of Triple Threat 2022! We are so excited to be back!

We started the day with a beach-themed name game and the game Picnic. Then we played a fun one called Wah!

Next, we warmed up and stretched, practiced moves across the floor, and learned a routine to "Try Everything."

We did some vocal exercises and sang the Mango Song, where we added our own lyrics, to warm up our voices. Then we sang "We Don't Talk About Bruno."

After lunch, we worked on characterization with a scene from Encanto. We focused on acting through our movements.

Finally, we finished the day with some hoola hooping, playing Interrogation, playing Screaming Toes, and competing in Veggie Offs.

See you tomorrow!

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This is so great! Addy just taught me the mango song! What a blast :)

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