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Teen Week Day 4

Today we focused on comedic scenes and had Brian McManimon direct as well. After playing psychiatrist, party quirks, and screaming toes, we performed a scene from Stranger Things. Then we sang the Cup Song and Waving Through a Window with two parts and harmonies.

For our dance period, we practiced basics and then worked on Non-Stop.

After lunch we worked with our guest teacher Manimon. Some things we learned were:

-To find blocking organically

-The character's age matters

-To use the space and setting

-Playing the same scene comedic and dramatic

-The angles you face onstage: presentational, profile, quarter, and three-quarter

-Character relationships

-Comedy can be over the top or it can be played straight with the right timing

-Every scene has an arc for every character

-What does the character want, do they get it

-Tone shifts in scenes

-Keeping the tempo in scenes

-To use height and levels


-Responding to direction

-Which character in the scene cares more

-What does your character’s "doing nothing" look like

-To reflect on how a scene felt

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