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Tween Week Day 3

Today was filled with fun and interesting activities that stretched our creativity. We played some new games this morning: Wiz Pong, What Are You Doing, and Freeze And Justify where we worked on improvisation.

The kids did great with the new skills we practiced across the floor and made sure to show them off when we played freeze dance! Since we finished From Now On, we learned the dance to We're All in this Together from High School Musical.

Next, we practiced and performed some scenes including one from Soul Surfer and one from Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

After lunch, we sang Speechless since most performers coincidentally chose it as their song. We learned exactly what would happen in a musical audition and we practiced singing the song for "casting directors." We then used "open scenes," which are scripts whose dialogue is so general that actors can create any scenario they like, and that's what we did!

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