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Bonus Week Day 1

Welcome to our last week of Triple Threat 2021!

As our new performers got to know each other, we played a name game, had a dance circle, played the improv game Bus Stop, and Evolution. Next, we used commercials to test our memorization.

We also created a two-word story about a character named "Ham and bologna Hollowbone."

The performers chose monologues to work on and received acting coaching from an instructor before presenting to the group.

We worked on scenes from Victorious and Moana.

We stretched, went across the floor, and learned a dance to Non-Stop from Hamilton.

We played Museum, Freeze and Justify, Landmine, Interrogation and a few other games to end the day.

See you tomorrow, performers!

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1 Comment

Liane Young
Liane Young
Jul 27, 2021

Looks like a great first day! Addy is glad to be back!

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