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Day 4

This week is flying by! Today was another fun one!

We got started right away with freeze dance that went into a dance warmup and practice of our "We Don't Talk About Bruno" dance and our fun routine to "Try Everything."

Here is a picture of the performers trying their hardest not to move when the music stopped!

Next, we took a break from the heat by making some friendship bracelets in the shade.

Then, we acted! The performers practiced their monologues and we dove deep into their characters. They drew pictures of their characters and thought about adjectives to describe them.

Working on a sci-fi scene!

Some monologues!

At the end of the day, we brought out the water. We played Drip Drip Drop, and we used two sprinklers to keep cool while dancing some more!

Just before the performers got picked up, we played a round of the improv game Freeze and Justify.

See you tomorrow!

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