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Day 5

We ended the week on a high note. We will miss seeing our performers 🥺!

Our warmup games were Land Mine and Evolution. Then, we played the improv games Freeze and Justify as well as Party Quirks.

Here are performers stretching for their splits!

We learned a new combo today to "Wait For It" from Hamilton.

Next, we created commercial skits to advertise random objects. Here are the commercials the performers came up with.

Then, we worked on scenes and performed them for the camera!

After lunch, we cooled off with water games! We played "water dance," which was Freeze Dance but if you move when the music stops, you get sprayed with the hose! When "We Don't Talk About Bruno" came on, everyone synced up and performed the routine making sure to pause when the music stopped!

We also brought out the sprinkler, which caused our performers to go home very, very wet. 10/10 for wetness.

That concludes an awesome week of Triple Threat Theater. We had a blast!

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