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Teen Week Day 1

The first day of our first session was a success! In the morning, we played some acting games. Then we worked on marking up monologues. We practiced using verbs to portray what a character wants and how they are trying to get it. We used personal experiences to relate to our characters. We also added beats, choices, and layers to the performance.

We sang Speechless from Aladdin, focusing on projection and the circumstance of the character.

After lunch, each person created a mini commercial for a product and performed it. We then started to learn about different styles of dance and started learning our Non-Stop from Hamilton choreography.

Here's a look at the choreo from today!

Lastly, we played with a Jade and Cat Victorious scene, switching parts and lines to practice changing the meaning of the same line and acting as completely opposite characters. It was a fun day!

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