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Tween Week Day 4

Our performers this week have become such close friends, and it shows as they are starting to open up more in improv games, scenes, and songs! So proud of them all!

Our opening games today were Bus Stop followed by Translator and Add-On Freeze.

Next, we workshopped scenes from Raya and the Last Dragon and Luca.

Dance time! We warmed up and stretched to some pump-up music from Victorious. Then we practiced Chop to the Top and learned a dance to From Now On.

We also continued singing This is Me and practiced dancing to it as we sang simultaneously.

With monologues, we had a masterclass where everyone watched as one person performed and received feedback on their monologue. The audience also got involved by playing the listener that the character was talking to. For example, when one performer played Elliot from E.T., another performer played E.T. so the performer would have someone to speak to and could feel like they were getting reactions to what they said.

Practicing on their own:

Performing and workshopping together:

Lastly, we played Interrogation, the Elbow Game, Veggie Off, Freeze and Justify, and Screaming Toes.

We had so much fun today! Thanks for reading!

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