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Tween Week Day 5

After our morning games, we worked on scenes. Some performers played Jade and Cat from Victorious. Others performed a scene from Girl Meets World or Frozen. We all showed our scenes once and received feedback from the group and instructors. Then, everyone practiced their scenes again, implementing the feedback, and showed the final products.

Then, we sang. We started with the notorious fruit song to warm up and then sang Someday from Zombies. Performers got the chance to sing solos in front of the group.

Next was monologue work. Here is the preparation:

And here are the performances:

Here are our two dances! The first is Chop to the Top, which we've been working on all week, and the second is This is Me, which the performers choreographed together!

Aaand of course we ended with Bus Stop.

Thanks so much for all the hard work and laughs this week! We'll miss all our performers!

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