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Tween Week Day 1

Big welcome to our new Triple Threats! You can already tell this is going to be a great week from their enthusiastic energy!

We started the day with some name games, crazy warmups, and charades.

We then started working on scenes. Three performers played Harry, Ron, and Hermine from Harry Potter, and another two played Sharpay and Kelsi from High School Musical.

Here are some performers singing Someday from Zombies. We split into parts and sang harmonies!

Time for some freeze dance!

After stretching, our performers practiced skills across the floor. They did great learning a combo to counts: "drag, step, chaîné, chassé, step, leap!"

We chose monologues to work on and started memorizing using a game called Alligator.

At the end of the day, we played a hilarious improv game called Interrogation.

And that was our day! Thanks for reading!

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